Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Isn't the term 'Siamese Twins'?

    • Though this is a common ​misconception, the name actually comes from conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker, who were born in Siam!  They are the actual Siamese Twins, we are just conjoined twins.

  2. Do we remember being conjoined? 

    • Yes some things we remember, we can remember when our twin brothers were born and some other things! When we look back and try to remember it all feels like a dream.

  3. Did we cry at the same time?​

    •  No different than two separate people, we might cry at the same time if somebody scared us both.  Other times, one of us would be crying while the other was fine.​

  4. What causes twins to be conjoined?

    • Sometimes after an egg is fertilized, it splits completely-- this results in identical twins.  When the egg starts to split, but does not finish, that results in conjoined twins.  This happens in 1/200 sets of identical twins, and 1 in every 100,000 births.  It is rare, but not as rare as some think!​

  5. When one gets hurt did the other one feel it?

    • No, our nervous systems were and still are separate.  If we were hurt in the area we were conjoined, however, we both had nerves in that area so we might have both felt it.​

  6. Will you ever be separated?

    • We were separated on August 7, 2006 in a surgery lasting 26 hours.​

  7. What organs/body parts did we share?​

    • We shared an abdomen, pelvis, liver, kidney, large intestine, and two legs (each controlled by one twin).​

  8. What is it like now that you are separated?

    • We each have one leg, and usually get around with crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs of some sort.  We have undergone multiple reconstructive surgeries over the years.  Maliyah received a kidney transplant from our mom in 2007, and a new one in 2018.  Despite all this, the decision to separate us was definitely a good one-- we enjoy living separate lives and making independent decisions each and every day.​  Even sitting in different rooms would never have been possible without our separation.

  9. There are two sets of twins in your family?  How?

    • We do have two sets of twins in our family!  Kendra and Maliyah are identical, while Austin and Justin are fraternal.  Typically, fraternal twins run in the maternal line.  However, there are no twins in our mom's family line.  Identical twins happen by chance.  Our parents never used fertility supplements or procedures.  And yes, they are done having kids!

  10. Is there any way we can help or donate?​

    • You are welcome to contact us to make any donations.  Thank you for your support!​